Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring 2012 Momentary Expressions, New Work

Here are 3 works from my MFA thesis work,

Momentary Expression #3
30"x30", oil on panel 

Momentary Expression, Pap
30"x30" oil on panel

Momentary Expression, Catherine
30"x30"  oil on panel

Friday, March 30, 2012


March 22 –  April 28, 2012

Momentary Expression: Gertrude, 2011
Oil on panel, 7 x7 in. 

"All Things Project is pleased to present SARAH CRUMLICH: LIFESCAPES, paintings by the artist intently examining portrait and landscape traditions. However familiar shared natural vistas may be, certain human and topographical features are rarely discussed at length– even more seldom, carefully gazed upon." (

       See more about this exhibit at  All things project at NCGV
         and the press release at

Opening Night was a great exchange of ideas and thoughts on the work with many great friends. Many thanks to all who came and made this show a time of not just showing, but of sharing our thoughts
 and perspective on aging.

Thank you to Mike who brought his wonderful coffee from Joe's!!! It was heavenly!

What a great night! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

January Plein Air Painting

I had a blast freezing in the January cold and also managed a few sketches of the mid-winter marsh.

 Sunset on the January Marsh
oil on panel, 14"x11"

Shadows on the January Marsh
oil on panel, 19"x11"

Winter Stone Wall
oil on panel, 14"x11"

Lifescape 5, Painting process

Lifescape 5
oil on canvas, 48"x36"

                 Here you can see the progression from the dark warm ground with light highlights to
                                                      a fully completed painting with color!


This recent body of work enters into a dialogue about aging and the body in an effort to explore the beauty and variability of expression we exhibit as we add years to our life.  I appreciate  any thoughts or comments you may have to share on this work.

Lifescape 1
 oil on panel, 6"x6" 

Momentary Expression: Gertrude
oil on panel, 7"x7" 

Lifescape 2
oil on panel, 5"x7"

Momentary Expression: Rosita
oil on panel, 6"x8"

Momentary Expression 1
oil on panel, 6"x8"

Momentary Expression: Charles
oil on panel, 8"x10"

Lifescape 3
oil on panel, 6 3/4" x7"

Lifescape 4
oil on panel, 8"x6"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A few Summer Landscape Paintings

               After four days of sunshine and North shore en plein air painting, 
I returned with these small sketches.

Crane's Beach, Ipswich, Ma

Hallibut Point State Park, Rockport, Ma

  Beverly-Salem Bridge, Beverly, Ma.

Appleton Farms

Greenbelt Tree

Early Morning Shadows on Fields and Marsh

 Greenbelt Tree

Morning Marsh and Field